Embrace a Technology-Driven Approach to Improving Pulmonary Care

Why Numo?
As a valued and proven partner, we can help you set up a hybrid telemedicine model to allow you deliver premium patient care with the utmost efficiency, while helping you grow your business.
"We are currently seeing patients faster than any other service line in all of Northern Arizona and offering something no other experience does: being able to provide something virtual and office seamlessly."
Dr. Elijah Poulos
MD, Flagstaff Medical Center Pulmonologist

A Validated Approach That Delivers Results

See how Numo has improved patient care in clinical settings.

by the numbers
NPS Score
Days of Early Detection of Deterioration
Reduction in Severe Symptomatic Days
Reduction in Exacerbations, ED Visits, Readmissions
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Practice Enhancement Solutions for Any Pulmonary Group

A suite of services to grow practice revenue and deliver better care all
provided at no cost
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Practice Growth

Numo drives marketing efforts to increase referrals from PCP groups, in addition to expanding geographical reach.

Front-Office Support

Numo provides both HR and technology support to fully manage off its services, seamlessly integrating into your existing workflows.

Guaranteed Virtual Care Payments

Numo activates virtual care offerings for your practice so you can offer this service without financial risk.

Enhanced Patient Monitoring

Numo continuously monitors your patients, escalating patients in need of more acute services to its clinical team.

Clinic Schedule Optimization

Numo optimizing clinic hours byu providing virtual visits to lower acuity patients, and in-patient visits for higher acuity ones.

Chronic Disease Management

Numo implement disease management protocols to clinically manage patients between visits, reducing ER utilization and hospitalizations while improving outcomes.
how we add value

Growth For Your Practice

Dedicated marketing support throughout the process to increase patient awareness and visitors to your offices.
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Co-branded websites
PR to announce partnerships
State-of-the-art Digital and Traditional Advertising to drive patient traffic
Direct phone and mail outreach to new and existing patients
Outreach to PCPs to drive partnerships and referrals
Pulmonology Care, Delivered.

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