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"Everyone took their time to make me feel comfortable and listened to what I needed."
Arnold S.
"I am really happy that I am able to get through to talk to someone so easily, before it was hap hazard at best, but I am really happy with the way this is working out!"
Jean W.
Pulmonary Fibrosis
"My favorite benefit of being a Numo patient is the convenient way to get care. Not having to leave my home to talk to specialists is a blessing."
Patricia B.
"Testimonial text goes here. It explains how fast it was to set up an appointment with a specialist"
Jan Newman
COPD Patient
"Testimonial text goes here. It outlines how they were able to see a specialist at home rather than traveling with their oxygen tank."
John Marks
COPD Patient
"Testimonial text goes here. It explains how they felt guided through the process and always knew what the next step was."
Michelle Mickelson
COPD Patient
What is Numo?

Go beyond just treating symptoms to prioritizing your whole health

Avoid the anxiety of confusing processes, distant appointments, and uncoordinated care. Numo replaces this hassle with quality care, accessibility, demonstrated effectiveness, and transparent pricing— enabling you to focus on your overall wellbeing, not just symptom relief.
of patients are covered by insurance
2 weeks
average wait time to see a pulmonologist
would recommend to a friend
End the frustrating cycle of opaque, disjointed care.

Now, there's a better way.

the old way

Travel. Wait. Repeat.

Traditional office visits are a hassle—and access to experts is limited by geography.
Wait for an appointment and travel to an office
Wait to schedule tests & procedures, then wait for the results
Struggle to get your medication & oxygen supplies refilled
Repeat this frustrating process anytime something changes
the numo way

Better care. No travel.

Remote care eliminates travel—and Numo unlocks access to better treatment.
Patients Prefer
Get a custom care plan
Receive concierge-level medicine from your dedicated care team
Let Numo handle refills, equipment & scheduling for you
Receive your free kit after speaking with a physician
Stay home, avoid the hassle & enjoy better patient outcomes
Free with insurance

Is Numo Health right for you?

If you qualify via our quiz, you can be seen by a pulmonology specialist in less than 2 weeks.

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How 360º Care Works

A Comprehensive Home Pulmonary Solution

Get Seen

Virtual Outpatient Clinic

Your On-Demand Health Team
Access board certified pulmonologists, nurses, therapists & more through secure video chats and messaging. Get diagnosis, monitoring & treatment for conditions without leaving home. Say goodbye to waiting 6 months or more to see a specialist.

In-Home Tech

Familiar, Easy Tablet
Just plug the tablet in, turn it on & let Numo work its magic. Our easy-to-use tablets continuously track your lung health in the background and enable virtual consultations with specialists from the comfort of your home—without any complex setup.

Polite, Unobtrusive Tech
Our groundbreaking audio technology detects subtle changes in lung symptoms that alert Numo clinicians to possible issues. This enables us to get ahead of exacerbations—even before they occur.

Personalized Care

Just breathe normally. Numo converts respiratory symptoms and clinical data into actionable insights, empowering your pulmonology team to provide tailored, proactive care. Experience customized care, driven by data.

The 360° Care Difference

Everything you need
To get complete care from the comfort of home. From diagnosis to treatment and prescription coordination, we've got you covered.
Designed to Be

Easy to use

We've made our platform easy and straightforward so you can get the care you need from your home.
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The Numo Way

Care That Finally Revolves Around You

We offer a full range of pulmonary services from the comfort of your home.
Pulmonary Function Tests
Blood Tests
Oxygen support
Care coordination
Prescription management
We're built differently

The Numo Pledge


Never worry

Never worry about the care plan — everything from appointments to refills are taken care of.


Uninterrupted Care

Uninterrupted, expert care from a dedicated pulmonologist.


Managed from home

Manage the care plan (from home) with easy, clear guidance.


Open Communication

Open communication about costs. Most insurance covers Numo.

Get care that revolves around you

Get started today and embark on a personalized, hassle-free respiratory care journey with Numo Health.

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Pulmonology Care, Delivered.

Get seen from home. Know more, faster.