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At Numo Health, we provide accessible care for people experiencing respiratory conditions - including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) - with care rooted in compassion and support.

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Care When
You Need It

Get care from qualified pulmonary experts from your own home. Numo’s specialists are available in 4 weeks or less. Numo is entirely virtual, which means you receive the care you need without delay.

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Numo prioritizes clear communication with patients. Numo’s care team can provide detailed information about conditions, test results, treatment options, and inhaler usage. Patients always leave with their questions answered and empowered with the right information.

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Numo provides simple-to-use technology that lifts the burden of having to pay attention to every little change in your condition. When new symptoms develop, the Numo care team will be in touch to prevent your condition from declining.

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Loved by Patients
& Providers

“I did not realize how many nighttime symptoms I was having. This helps me get the care I need to help control my condition.”

James P.

“I like it because I can see how my mom is doing and she doesn’t always tell me how she is feeling. I can go over (to check on her) if I need to.”

Sarah W.

“I have been told some of my symptoms were anxiety and not asthma. The Numo overnight monitoring was able to pick up respiratory symptoms that correlated with how I was feeling and solidified that I was on the right track regarding my treatment.”

Larry A.

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